5 years of trading with Alexey Mikhailov’s MMSIC Group

5 years of trading with Alexey Mikhailov’s MMSIC Group

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Forex trading has been my professional field for five years already. During this time I’ve worked with several brokers, however, the conditions that would be fully consistent with my ideas about mutually beneficial online trading, I found only recently on the site forex-mmsic.ru. I’ve heard of MMSIC GRUP, before, but I mistakenly thought that the scope of its activities is limited to investments. As it turned out, there is another mmsic project – a world-class broker, headed by a professional trader, professor of the Academy of Stock Exchange Trading in New York, Mitchell Nunis. Since I’m a little familiar with this person’s work, I decided to test the work of the company and compare it with the work of the dealing center where the client was at the time.

The first thing I would like to point out is the instant execution of orders. According to this criterion, the forex mmcis groups exceeded all the indicators I had met before. The second is a quality analyst. Trading in accordance with the analytical forecasts of the experts of this dealing center, I was constantly in the “plus”. It is also worth adding the problem-free deposit and withdrawal of funds within a few hours and a wide range of instruments for trading.

Unified nuance in the work of this broker – if you make a profit by scalping, then MMSIC GROUP you will not be suitable – pipsing and scalping are prohibited.

Based on my testing I decided to change the dealing center and now I work with a broker MMSIC (ru). My income from forex trading was higher than all previous indicators, so I personally believe that this company is the best that currently exists in our country.