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john murphy - famous tradersJohn Murphy specializes in technical analysis and is the author of the most popular books in this field. He and his partner Greg Morris are also president of two companies. One of them, MurphyMorris Inc., focuses on technical analysis, while the other, MurphyMorris Money Management Corp. “MurphyMorris Money Management Corp. is also a springboard for testing the viability of technical concepts developed by John Murphy – the company’s work relies heavily on the experience Murphy has gained over his 30-year career.

When John Murphy received his bachelor’s degree in economics in the 70s, he did not even have plans to become a technical analyst.

His first professional wish was to become an analyst specializing in fundamental analysis of stocks, but due to a combination of circumstances his field of activity was still technical analysis. It is worth noting that at the moment when John Murphy started his career, all the technical analysis tools were limited to pencil and sheet of paper – it was with the help of their traders who tried to draw charts and identify patterns. The heyday of technical analysis tools falls in the 70’s of the last century – that’s when most of the tools and indicators that are now used everywhere were invented and popularized. John Murphy was in the right place at the right time – his first technical analysis of the “Technical Analysis of Futures Markets” was published in 1986 and contained all the knowledge that Murphy had accumulated up to that time. John Murphy’s popularity as a technician was growing. Soon, he began to appear on the Internet, and his works became more and more popular.

Sam John Murphy believes that technical analysis is a unique tool that can be used both for short and long periods of time. It would be even useful for short-term traders to globalize their views.