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Binomo leaves the Russian market


Binomo left the Russian market on 1 August 2019. After this date, it became impossible for Russian citizens to register on the official website of the broker. The company announced that such changes would take place in advance. The broker’s clients w…

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IT-company WizardsDev is your reliable partner


The emergence of information technologies is associated with the appearance of the first computers. It originates in the 60s of the last century. As such, the IT market arose a little later and the leadership in it was taken over by the U.S., but the…

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Is it possible to learn trading from books?


Many people are sure that Forex trading is easy and fast money. Well, you should know that it’s a big deal first. In general, there are a lot of books on trading in the network, including from Forex brokers, and I can tell you how to use them 100%….

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What is important about Forex quotes and how to master


Let’s start with the basics of what Forex quotes are. As you know, the main element of trading at Forex exchanges are currency pairs. The list of pairs is available on the online platform and is often recorded as, for example, EUR/USD (Euro/USD). Thi…