The Exness broker closes the retail business

The Exness broker closes the retail business

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Exness, licensed by FCA and CySEC, announced its intention to close its retail business in the European Economic Area, including the UK. The broker intends to focus on work in the B2B direction, and expand his influence in other markets.

The following message was published on the official website of the company: “We value all our customers, and we understand that the decision made can cause disappointment, so the company apologizes for any inconvenience. If you are interested in discussing work with us in the B2B direction, write us an e-mail: [email protected] ”.

David Morris, executive director of the London office, said: “The ever-changing regulatory framework and significant changes in the industry have become the main reason for moving to the B2B sector. This decision is the most logical step in the company’s work in the European region. This is a great way to enter new markets and find new partners with which we can move forward. ”

Last month, the broker joined forces with Sumsub in the fight against fraud, and full compliance with AML requirements.

To promote business in the international sphere, Exness had to resort to the introduction of an automated KYC solution, suitable for use in many countries. Collaboration with Sumsub will allow you to create a single solution to meet all the rules and adapt the client. First of all, this applies to identification procedures and protection against fraudsters.