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Umarkets reviews: about the activities of the broker


Umarkets is not a very well-known company. However, given that the broker is working for more than 10 years, it can be referred to as a time-tested organization. Let’s consider why it can be of interest to clients, and on what prospects it can be seen as wholly reliable.

Umarkets functions through a license granted by the IFSC. The company has operates on a lawful basis.

Studying the Umarkets site, it is possible to determine the following advantages of working with the broker:

  • set of currency pairs available for trading forex and other valuable assets;
  • low spread from 1 pt;
  • Leverage up to 1:400, depending on the type of asset;
  • trading from Sunday to Friday without time limits;
  • availability of quality and free terminals, one of which is specially designed for a broker and is unique.

Reviews on Umarkets also note the fact that the broker sets a rather low size as its first deposit – 500 USD. This allows everyone to try their hand at trading. If you are ready to invest a larger amount of money, there is an option to get individual conditions.

This is discussed with the manager during registration. In addition, a 30% bonus is added to the first deposit. Some users write that Umarkets are scammers, as they practice the referral reward system.


For each invited participant, the client receives 15% of his deposit amount. In fact, the company is simply trying to expand its client base, because in today’s environment it is difficult for it to compete with more well-known brands in the CIS.

At the same time, Umarkets reviews from European sites confirm that the broker is well known in the EU and enjoys great popularity there.

In conclusion, with regard to bonuses and special offers, Umarkets offers customers a unique service – deposit insurance for up to 5000 dollars. Using this offer you can trade without risks and the potential of financial losses.

Umarkets Scammers?

Posts that say that Umarkets is a scam, appear ridiculous for the simple reason that the site has implemented a quality training system. Many of the posted materials cost a lot of money.

If Umarkets is engaged in fraud, it would not make sense for them to invest in the education of their clients.

This indicates that the company is interested in the fact that the clients traded in the plus and received a stable income.

Another interesting service for Forex trading from Umarkets is the analytical section of the site. Here you can find the latest articles about the world’s most important economic events and professional reviews of the markets. Using this information, the exchange will become an open book for you.

In general, Umarkets reviews confirm that the broker provides a quality basis for earning on Forex. But is it possible to deduce the received income?

Forex Umarkets: What Clients Say About the Broker

Umarkets scams and scams in general are popular topics for discussion. In the network you can find several sites that give the facts of deception. This fact cannot go unnoticed, so we conducted our own investigation into the case.

It turned out that most of the evidence presented were not relevant to trading on Forex Umarkets. Basically, gray and black schemes of earnings of swindlers, who cover their adventures with the name of a broker, are described.

Therefore, future clients need to remember that all communication with the company takes place on the phone, and the funds are transferred and withdrawn from online deposits. No cash payments are provided. 

Umarkets is written as a scam by those who were caught on the tricks of real crooks and are wholly discouraged from trading with online entities in general. But given the overall mass of feedback on the work of the company, it can be noted that the vast majority of clients did not have problems with the withdrawal of funds.