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What do traders say about the MaxiMarkets broker?

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When choosing a financial broker, it is very important to thoroughly study each company you like. There are several ways to find out the “ins and outs” of Forex brokers: ask friends traders, try out the broker’s own experience, or look for feedback from experienced market participants on the Web.

The first method is the most reliable and reliable option, because you personally know the source of the information and you can 100% trust it. But what if there are no successful traders and exchange traders in your circle? Take risks with your own money and experiment with your wallet? Do not! We decided to interview our friends traders and asked them to leave feedback about all the companies they had to deal with. This article will focus on the Forex broker MaxiMarkets!

“I want to say that the financial broker MaxiMarkets is a real treasure for beginner green traders. All work is very transparent and honest. Analytics comes every day early in the morning, and a personal expert is always in touch. You can ask for support at any time or ask a question if something is not clear in the trading recommendations. A very cool feature of the broker is online webinars. Just in live mode, a mega-cool trader with vast experience teaches you to trade and understand the financial market. All webinars are free, it is only important to manage to register. “I try not to miss and earn more every month.”

“Everything at MaxiMarkets suits me. The company is very reliable, because there are many reasons not to doubt its reliability. This is an official license, and registration, and many eminent financial partners. All documents are widely available on the company’s website. I have been with MaxiMarkets for many years and am not going to switch from here. The terminal is hanging, quotes are changing rapidly, there are trading conditions for every taste. ”

“The MaxiMarkets broker has no restrictions on strategies and advisers for trading, and that’s cool. If it is important for you to use different methods and strategies, it will be convenient in this company. I do not really like scalping, but for the sake of experiment I tried to apply it. The result is simply excellent, there are no problems with the execution of orders, trading conditions fully comply with market conditions. If even in such a delicate business, the broker managed to cheer, you can trust him with your money. ”

“The analytics at MaxiMarkets are top notch. And indeed a lot of useful services. I still haven’t managed to try it in two years, but I regularly use the economic calendar and daily forecasts from experts. Plus, the company has its own online channel, where 24/7 reviews, news, recommendations and training tips are provided. Very convenient and useful – I am always up to date with market events and get useful info. I’m trading for a long time, they used to be currencies, but now I’ve switched to more serious instruments – stocks and commodities. ”

“If we compare the demo real and the real deposit in MaxiMarkets, then for me the main difference was the presence of a psychological wall. I quietly opened deals on the demo and made a profit, because I knew that even in case of failure I would not lose anything. When real money falls into the hands, he begins to be a little coward and fear sometimes takes its toll. I start to double-check every second and can’t relax until the deal is closed. But the good news is that the problem is only on my part. The broker does not spoil trading in a real account and does not interfere in the process without demand. Now I work with my manager to overcome fear. Successes are already visible, but it is necessary to modify a little more. “