Trader’s work with MMCIC UA

Trader’s work with MMCIC UA

Historie handlowców z WNP

My acquaintance with the broker forex MMCIC grup happened by chance – when I came to the official website of the company in the section “Success Stories” I came across the history of my old school friend. As it turned out, he had been earning money on Forex trading for a long time and was a rather experienced trader. It is worth noting that during school time he was an ordinary pupil and did not show any special abilities and talents. I decided to talk to him and find out why he chose the profession of a trader.

It turned out to be spontaneous – he registered at the institute on the broker’s website mmcis yua and sometimes earned some money from Internet trading. After graduating from the course, I decided to turn the Internet trading into my own profession, without finding a decent job. Since then, he has been earning trading on Forex for three years already. All necessary information is taken on the site of the broker – enters the market at a convenient time for him. Regulates the duration of his working day and the level of earnings.

After learning his story, I also decided to become a trader. I have already registered on, downloaded the trading platform and opened a demo account. I don’t risk playing for real money yet – I want to get to know the market better, to study the theoretical part, to make a trading strategy. My comrade helps me a lot – he explains the incomprehensible moments, gives me good advice. I found answers to many questions I am interested in at the company’s forum. There, while communicating with experienced traders, I learn about the various nuances of trading on Forex that play a role in making trades. I would also like to highlight the work of the support service. During the period of mastering the trading terminal, I had many questions about its work, which were promptly and competently answered by the support team.

I have nothing to compare my broker’s work with in order to give him an unambiguous assessment. However, I am quite satisfied with his work and I am going to continue our cooperation.