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Crypto Exchange White Label API Trading on Your Platform


Hot Wallet IntegrationA white label crypto exchange integrated with a hot wallet that is secured by bank-grade security is pivotal in gaining the confidence of users and extending their customer lifetime value. The most apparent benefit of a white label crypto exchange would be that it helps businesses bypass the rigors of building their own cryptocurrency exchange. While that is true, businesses stand to benefit in other, numerous ways. Our whitelabel crypto exchange solution uses cutting-edge technologies for rapid customization.

What is a white-label crypto exchange

A Turnkey cryptocurrency exchange is a great choice for getting started. Simplicity of maintenance and assistance along with cost-effectiveness are just a few of the many benefits available. It is virtually impossible to attract clients to an exchange without sufficient liquidity.

Launch your own White label Crypto Exchange

No matter what industry they are in, our expert solutions help businesses succeed. Discover our Blockchain engineering team and get started innovating today by building enterprise-class Blockchain apps. We offer Blockchain consulting, development of enterprise applications, investment in startups, building developer tools, and education. Our mobile app developers create innovative solutions tailored to your needs. SoluLab’s expertise in mobile user-centric experiences is invaluable so that you can gain maximum business traction. Each client requires a unique approach to custom software development.

  • In-house development can cost you times more than a white label digital asset exchange from a reliable vendor.
  • Also offers advanced trading features such as margin trading, stop-loss orders, and automated trading bots, which can attract more professional traders and investors to the platform.
  • In the absence of these criteria, white-label exchanges can become more bane than a boon, especially with regard to cost and performance.
  • Generally speaking, the cost of a full-fledged white label solution for a cryptocurrency exchange costs around $10,000 to $50,000.

💡 HollaEx’s built-in liquidity and network of over 100 exchanges make market-making a breeze, freeing up exchange operators to focus on their localization, marketing, branding, and crypto business plans. 🤝 HollaEx white label is a versatile 💼 crypto toolkit that’s ideal for businesses looking to establish themselves globally and digitally. White label crypto exchange software can integrate with a variety of different types of software. For example, trading and analytics dashboards can be integrated to provide traders with better insights into their positions and markets. Additionally, account and portfolio management systems can also be integrated to simplify the process of managing multiple accounts from a single interface. All these integrations help create an efficient platform that streamlines the process for both traders and exchange operators alike.

Crypto ExchangeWhite Label API

We offer a range of services including Blockchain solutions and solutions, Artificial Intelligence software development, and digital marketing services. We offer services that will fit the needs of your company, whether it’s a startup business or an established enterprise. Crassula’s highly rated solutions can be successfully deployed in your next white label cryptocurrency exchange business. Acryptocurrency software development company has the uphill task of designing and building products for the burgeoning, open financial sector. Nevertheless, there’s a mushrooming of companies and services in this domain. Consequently, it’s crucial for you to choose the one that’s best suited to your needs.

We also provide blockchain analytical tools that support all the links in the payment chain and check them for compromising. Depending on your business needs, with our white label exchange software, you can be up and running in just two weeks. A comprehensive dashboard for the platform’s admin panel to facilitate tracking all the trading and business activities being conducted on the crypto exchange platform. Crypto Trade Signals are automated trading signals that are generated by algorithms that are designed to analyze trading data such as market trends, news, and technical indicators. These signals can help traders decide when to buy or sell a cryptocurrency, as well as identify potential opportunities for profits.


You can also attract market makers who can connect to your exchange via API that will create a sufficient amount of limit orders for comfortable trading. To maximise marketing results, we recommend the use of both platforms. It works 24/7 with extremely small maintenance intervals around the clock of the crypto markets without any breaks, including weekends. The most essential providers in terms of trade volumes are Binance, Coinbase, FTX, Kraken, Kucoin, and others. Its mission is to protect you against an asset’s price reversal while enjoying flexibility.

In addition, cryptocurrency is much more volatile than fiat currency due to the speculative nature of the trade, where investors quickly focus on creating wealth by making profits. Thus, if we are talking about fiat money’s prospects, it will white label crypto exchange no longer be replaced by disruptive cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the first and most popular virtual cryptocurrency put on the market. It runs on its blockchain with verified transactions that are carried out transparently and securely.

What is a white-label cryptocurrency exchange?

One of the qualities that makes them stand out is that all of their products comply with the required laws, regulations and standards even before being launched to the market. The company’s matching engine for exchanges can work with up to 500,000 transactions per sector, at least in theory – there is yet to be a use-case that has reached that number using it. You can save a significant amount of time and millions of dollars with Antier’s white label exchange software script. Developing a crypto exchange from scratch may consume millions of dollars in development and research. Multilingual SupportMulti-language support feature increases the global reach of cryptocurrency exchange.

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