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History of the exchange where the first exchange appeared


The official history of the exchange begins with the late Middle Ages. It is believed that a prototype of the modern exchange appeared in Flanders in Bruges.

In the centre of Bruges, which is now owned by the Kingdom of Belgium, the commercial area housed the home of a wealthy trader from an ancient family named van der Burse. In the house of a non-citizen van der Burse there were various transactions of goods, here the money was exchanged and securities were put into circulation.

Shopping Area of ancient Bruges has also become known as Burse.  Trade meetings have quietly become known as Burse. By the way, in Latin, the name Flanders non-icyjanit burse means “leather bag” or “wallet”.

However, it is believed that the history of the exchange is more ancient. According to other data, the history of the exchange began in Italy in the XI and XII centuries.

In commercial areas in cities, villages, large and small, long held fairs, trade, money exchange. Since the exchange can be called a market, there were certain laws and rules on the stock exchange.

Stock Exchange History, what effect the exchange of

scrotum had on the development of trade was not the sole purpose of many traders.

It is known how highly appreciated the word merchant, which in the old days was a guarantee of the highest quality. The merchant’s honor was as much a capital as gold or silver.

An example of how huge a contribution to statehood made by people of the commercial class, we can call the activities of entrepreneurs Tereshchenko, Chomenko, Demidov, Stroganov, Smeslyaev, Meshkov.

The history of exchange goes hand in hand with the history of education, culture, science, with the history of statehood, with the history of wars.

History of exchange of bills of exchange comes from Amsterdam. In this Dutch city, a bill of exchange appeared in 1602. Here for the first time began to trade not only bills, public debt, here for the first time there was a purchase and sale of shares, trading lots of stock exchanges, settling shares of liabilities.

One of the oldest exchanges, the London Exchange, was founded in 1773. This exchange is considered one of the largest and most prestigious in the world. The London Stock Exchange has developed concepts such as “bull and bear trading.”

“Bulls and Bears” were named by traders who traded at their discretion, benefiting from the trading process.

In the modern concept, exchange is needed in order to gain access to finance. Securities are placed on a stock exchange in order to raise the funds necessary for the successful operation of various companies.

Investor Exchange is necessary to ensure that with a relatively small owner of factories or companies, it would be possible to purchase shares, securities of these companies. And then get dividends.

Exchange helps you save, for example, when buying foreign currency. The stock market accelerates the growth of companies that can attract investors’ finances and make much higher profits.

Through the exchange of a faster growing economy and the well-being of citizens.

World Currency Exchange

After abandoning the “gold standard”, the international currency market becomes dominant, where a gigantic currency cycle occurs every day. According to economists, the daily turnover of foreign exchange funds exceeds three trillion U.S. dollars.

The main task of currency exchange is to determine the exchange rate of national currencies in relation to the dominant currencies of the world. The largest exchanges in the United States are the London International Financial Futures Exchange, the Amsterdam Options Exchange, Frankfurt, Singapore, Sydney Fixed Exchange, Vienna Open Exchange. Exchange transactions take place publicly and publicly, in the exchange hall, in a specific and predetermined order.

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