Martingale Strategy, Method of Trading ♠ Globe Trader

Martingale Strategy, Method of Trading ♠ Globe Trader


Martingale’s legendary strategy appeared in the 18th century and was originally used in gambling. First of all, in card games and roulette.

At the heart of Martingale is the theory of probability, averaging its position until the player wins. According to legend, this strategy was named after a successful gambler and roulette player who developed his own strategy.

The strategy principle is that every bad step, with every loss, the player should double their next trade until the winnings come and all lost trades are closed.

Martingale is used in Forex and binary options trading.

Eed: How the Martingale system works

Let’s say a player has placed a bet of $1. In the event of a win, the player puts the money in his pocket. But if there was a loss, you need to double the next offer and put already $2. And so it should be done before you start winning.

is a simple commercial system, but most of the system is loss-making. Especially if the player using it does not have very solid capital.

Within a few centuries the Martingale system has changed a bit and may have different variations.

Vids of Martingale

Martingale’s Classic Strategy, in which each subsequent transaction after a failed transaction doubles. A smooth Martingale strategy in which post-crash position growth increases not twice, but slightly lower, 1.3 times or 1.5. Simultaneous use of Martingale strategy and fibonacci magic numbers. With this combination, Martingale’s strategy becomes more flexible. This means that after losing, you need to add the number of the two previous losing trades. Anti-Marttingil strategy, which is to increase the subsequent transaction not only at a loss, but also in case of luck.

Which martingale’s errone

Doubling another trade after a failed trade is not convenient and incurs a big loss. A large sum of money should be used to carry out martingale, as if you lose, you should increase the amount of the next trade to cover the loss. 400″> Cannot reach the next level unless the cycle is terminated. Because the odds here are 50-50.

A forex is traded with Martingale

0 Most commonly Martingale is used in PAMM-investment, investor capital management.

Trader must determine the level of take profit receipt, and should place the same stop-loss level.

How profitable is martingale trading? Before you start trading in a Martingale system, smooth or classic, you should ask experienced traders how effective martingale strategy is.

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