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Long before I started working on forex with MMCIS, I was told about it by my friend. In his life, the role of this broker was very significant – thanks to cooperation with him, my friend provided a stable stable income and was able to achieve financial independence. But the moment he told me about it all, I didn’t give any meaning at all. Although, if I followed his advice and went to the forex page, my success story could have started much earlier. But at the time I was very critical of all sources of income requiring initial deposits.

A on the I found myself much later – by clicking on the link on one of the news portals. At first I only looked at the conditions, but then I moved to the Success Stories section. What was my surprise when on mmcis. ru, the official website of a world-renowned broker, I read the success story of a man with whom I once studied in the same class. For me, this turned out to be a very convincing argument, in addition, I read many other similar information about the opinions of professional traders and beginners, tips on how to get started, success stories of other people who now work in the forex market and earn several thousand dollars every day. On the same day, I signed up, downloaded the platform, opened a demo account and started learning. I spent about a week studying: during this time I reread the educational literature, tested several strategies, checked my intuition. Then I moved to a real account, and now my daily earnings are about $500. I know this is not the limit, so I’m constantly looking for ways to increase my income: I read thematic forums, publications, news channels on

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