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Umarkets reviews: how profitable it is to work with a broker and whether it pays earnings


101,000 Umarkets, although this is not a very well-known company, but given that the broker has been operating for more than 10 years, it can be attributed to proven organizations. Let’s consider what can interest customers and what prospects from cooperation can be expected.

Start with Umarkets under an IFSC license. The company has official legal status and provides services legally.

By studying the Umarkets website, you can highlight the following advantages of working with a broker:

set of forex currency pairs and other valuable assets available to trade; low spread 1 pt.; leverage of up to 1:400, depending on the type of asset; Sunday to Friday trading without a time limit; availability of high quality and free terminals, one of which is specially designed for the broker and is unique.

Yumarkets reviews also note the fact that the broker sets a fairly low size of the first deposit – 500 eu. Thanks to this, everyone can try their hand at trading. If you are ready to invest a larger sum, it is possible to obtain individual conditions.

This issue is discussed with the manager during registration. In addition, a bonus of 30% is granted up to the amount of the first deposit. Some users write that Umarkets are scammers because they practice a referral compensation system.

For each invited participant, the client receives 15% of his/her deposit amount. In fact, the company is simply trying to expand its customer base, because in today’s conditions it is difficult to compete with the more well-known brands in cis.

At the same time, umarket reviews from European websites confirm the fact that the broker is well known in the EU and is very popular there. 

At the end of the theme of bonuses and special offers, Umarkets (Yumarkets) offer customers a unique service – deposit insurance up to $ 5000. With this offer, you can trade without risk or financial loss.

Umarkets scammers?

Posts that say Yumarkets are scammers also look ridiculous for the simple reason that the site has implemented a high quality training system. Many of the materials placed cost a lot of money.  If Umarkets were involved in fraud, it wouldn’t make sense to invest in educating their customers.

This means that the company is interested in clients trading pluses and receiving stable income.

Another interesting service for forex trading with Yumarkets is the analytical section of the site. Here are the latest articles on the world, economically relevant events and professional market reviews. Using this information, the exchange will become an open book for you.

Generally, Yumarkets reviews confirm that the broker gives you a quality base for forex earnings. But is it possible to withdraw the income received?

Forex Umarkets: what clients are saying about the broker

Yumarkets scammers and scams are a popular topic of discussion. On the net you can find several pages that cite the facts of fraud. This could not go unnoticed, so we conducted our own investigation into the matter.

It turned out that most of the evidence presented is not related to umarkets forex trading. Basically, the gray and black schemes of earnings of scammers who cover their adventures on behalf of a broker are described.

What future customers must remember that all communication with the company takes place by phone, and funds are transferred and withdrawn from the deposit online, no cash payments are made. Umarkets scammers write those who have fallen for the tricks of real scammers, but given the overall mass of reviews about the company’s work, it can be seen that the vast majority of customers had no problems with payouts.

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