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XCritical – how to conquer the Forex market in three years


A few years ago, nothing announced that XCritical would appear and develop rapidly in the Forex market. But a few enthusiasts came up with the idea of developing a product that would meet the most modern requirements and enjoyed popularity. Better brokers, no one can understand what brokers need. So at the turn of 2015-2016, the idea of creating a startup was born.

Three years later, the startup became a modern company with a new workforce. Currently, XCritical has offices in Israel, Russia, Ukraine and Latvia. Experienced developers deliver the most popular products to the market, including the well-known XCritical platform. Since the company was created by brokers, they were aware of the shortcomings of all existing terminals and the need to improve their performance. The XCritical terminal was appreciated by market participants immediately after development. Among the many advantages, first of all, pay attention to the possibility of trading with any devices. The platform has many built-in features: quick boost options, various graphics, special autochartist analytics advisor and more. Perhaps the main advantage over competitors – the speed of execution of orders.

The company has not limited to the platform. Another XCritical CRM product is a powerful tool that increases sales and encourages further top-up as it provides absolute access to personal, marketing and commercial data. CRM allows brokerage employees to call customers directly via IP telephony and record their communication history. In addition, thanks to the product, it is possible to monitor those customers who are currently on the site, went to make a deposit or analyzed analytical information. Only responsible employees have access to customer documentation and operations, so xCritical scammers cannot penetrate and steal customer data.

In accordance with the principle that work should provide equally enjoyable and profitable, XCritical management strives to create a better environment for its employees. Particular attention shall be paid to the professional development of all team members. In addition, employees receive the entire social package, including health insurance, when they join the company. Among the pleasant bonuses – free sports, corporate holidays, birthday wishes, joint recreational activities. Such events allow you to unite the team and take a break from work. The question of why developers want to get a job at XCritical disappears.

Svetlit Korosteleva settled in XCritical more than a year and a half ago and already considers himself a veteran of the company. At first, the tasks seemed too difficult for her, but thanks to experienced colleagues, she quickly coped with difficulties. Svetlana sees friendly relations and mutual assistance as the main elements of success. In addition, she has the opportunity to do what she loved and get a decent salary for it. Valery Borzenko agrees with Svetany, but believes that acquiring new knowledge is the main one, has the ability to continuously learn from more experienced programmers. Being part of a team that creates innovative products is very important to him. XCritical can always anticipate the emerging needs of the forex industry and present the best solutions in advance. That’s what makes the company unique.

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